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Rylander PTA FAQs for the remainder of 2020


Will the PTA still have Rumble?
Due to COVID-19, Katy ISD has restricted fundraisers through July, therefore, we will not be having our Rumble Carnival this spring. Once fundraising efforts are able to resume, we will discuss options for having our on-line auction/raffle later in the summer or next fall.


I bought tickets for Rumble. What are my options?
Please email Stephanie at by April 30th about your refund or donation if you have not been contacted already. Thank you!


I bought a Rumble T-shirt. What are my options?
Please email Michelle at by April 30th about your refund or donation if you have not been contacted already. Thank you!  

What will happen to the Rumble Class Baskets and Auction Items?

The PTA will safely store all class baskets  and online auction items until they can be used at a later date. Thank you so much for contributing to class baskets this year. They are spectacular, and we cannot wait to use them in a future fundraiser.  


What is the best way to send teachers something for Teacher Appreciation Week May 4-8?
Teachers and staff will be at the school for a very limited amount time and the delivery of items cannot be guaranteed. The school has requested that ALL teacher appreciation gifts be sent online or through email. The PTA will be posting a list offering suggested daily ideas on how we can show our gratitude remotely. 

Can I still run for a board position for next school year?
Yes! The PTA will have a General Membership Meeting on Friday, May 8 at 3:00 pm. At this meeting, we will hold elections and vote on the budget. If you would like to be a candidate for the PTA Board, you must be nominated from the floor and you MUST be a member and you must RSVP for the meeting.  RSVP at by May 3.

How do we order yearbooks? How will we get them this year?  
If you did not already pre-order a yearbook, there are 35 books still available in the website

Due to the COVID-19, the Balfour publishing plant is currently closed, so we don't know when our books will be shipped. We are implementing a plan to distribute them according to the social distancing guidelines.

If you are moving this summer and won't be at RRE next year, please send an email to to coordinate delivery.



I have a 5th grader. Is the PTA planning anything to celebrate 5th graders?  

The PTA will be collaborating with the school to celebrate our fifth grade Rhinos. The PTA, along the school, will be working within guidelines provided by Katy ISD.  


Can I purchase school supplies for next year?
Due to COVID-19, all PTA fundraisers including school supply orders are on hold.  The goal is to collect orders for pre-packaged supplies in early July.  We will keep you posted as details are finalized.

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