Rylander Yearbook 2020-2021


PRICING CALENDAR (*dates subject to change)

$32 through October 16, 2020

$37 through December 9, 2020

$42 after December 9


Personalization available for an additional cost. 

Line of Text (ex. Name, Grade Level, or meaningful phrase) - $5 each up to 3 lines

Bling Icon (many sports and hobbies to choose from) - $5 each up to 4 icons

Books will arrive in May. Extremely limited quantity of extra books will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

To order, visit www.Balfour.com. 




Create your own custom ad for you child! Yearbook dedications are a special way parents or grandparents can pay tribute to their children. Ads are popular for 5th graders or kindergarteners, but dedications can be made for any student or even as a space to say thank you to a special teacher or friend! Build your ad using templates on the Balfour Web site to include photos, quotes, messages of support, praise, or advice.

Ad prices:

1/4 page $40

1/8 page $20

Business card size with photo $10

Limited space, first come, first serve until full – Deadline is February 1, 2021


Book and Ad Sales are ONLINE ONLY. May be purchased together or at separate times.

To order, visit www.Balfour.com. 
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Rylander Elementary School

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As is yearbook tradition, let’s do something special for the class of 2028! For the yearbook, we want to collect a baby picture for each fifth grader. Please send ONE favorite photo of your child as a baby to us. Email the photo to


Clearly mark the subject line as 5th Grade Baby Picture: (Your Child’s full Name)
In the email, include what your child wants to be when they grow up.


Photo criteria:

  • Of your child alone – not as part of a group or being held

  • Vertical orientation, no babies lying on their side please

  • Clear, not blurry/grainy

  • Color preferred over black and white

Won’t it be fun to see how far our friends have come? The deadline to send in a picture is Nov. 4, 2020.





3 ways to share your photos with us this year:

1.) Post in The Rylander Elementary Yearbook Photos group: 


2.) Balfour's app called Image Share, create a log-in, then plug in out school's number 119870, and you can send photos to us directly all year long.

3.) Email to RylanderYearbook@gmail.com

Note: We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be used in the book.



Please like the Rylander Elementary PTA Facebook Page regularly as we will announce what photos we are in need of as well as reminders about purchase deadlines.



Alyssa Grade, rylanderyearbook@gmail.com

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TEL : 281 237 8300

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